The need of having a private doctor in certain cases

The need of having a private doctor in certain cases

Visiting a doctor is not always a comfortable experience. From finding the right doctor for your problem of getting answers to all our worried questions, it is necessary to get the right doctor whose pace and rhythm suits your needs. However, there are certain situations where one needs to pay more attention to the comfort level with the doctors more than anything else. The reason – simply because the situation is delicate and requires complete anonymity and trust. Certain circumstances call for extra care due to the nature of the issue, and it is the doctor’s responsibility to make the patient feel welcome and safe.

It is for this reason, people although they have a family doctor resort to consulting outside their group of known people to keep their private issues. For instance, anyone going through psychological issues or fertility problem prefer to speak to a doctor they are not familiar with to maintain a distant relationship. But why is this necessary? Is privacy more important than the doctor’s credibility? Certainly not.

iCliniq does not believe in compromise. Our medical portal is a hub of expert medical practitioners from across the world who have been supporting patients in needs for years. With iCliniq, patients who prefer to address their critical personal issues can do so privately. The online portal is sufficiently developed to enhance the medical experience of the users without intimate contact. Since each patient is an online user in the portal, they can create a username that will safeguard their identity if anonymity is the top priority.

Offering a myriad of services, patients can easily find one of the best doctors in the field to address their queries without the risk of being spotted. Also, the need to travel to the clinic physically is eradicated ; thus giving the patients the relief of personal confrontation. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, iCliniq is one of the most used online medical portals for both anonymous and public medical consultations due to the following reasons.

1. Expert opinion
All the doctors registered with iCliniq are experts in their fields of work. With over 80+ specialties field, patients can be assured that their query will be addressed by the best in the area. With chat system, it is easy to interact with the doctors from any part of the world instantly.


2. Multiple consultations
Patients are not restricted to the number of consultations. With #iCliniq100hrs, patients have the option to speak to doctors for 100 hours based on their necessity and convenience. If specific queries are still ambiguous from the previous consultation, patients can easily refer back and inquire about the same without any hesitation.


3. Consult anytime, anywhere
Since the platform is chat based, it is easy to ask a question from anywhere at any given time. The server stores the chats and helps doctors to scroll through the previous conversation to provide proper answers. Patients also can browse through the responses in the future.

Being a portal that offers complete anonymity and freedom, iCliniq is one of the pioneers in the medical world utilizing the advancements of digital fully. Apart from the same, the portal is an excellent choice for those who wish to keep their identity private; yet get the best solution to the problems they are facing. Overall, it is important to balance privacy with medical emergencies.

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