How to talk to an online doctor about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)?

Lot of people today have lot of queries about Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs). Most of them have in their mind that an STD can be AIDS alone.  Its a myth. There are actually a number of STDs with Chlamydia, Gonorrhea,  Genital herpes, HPV, Syphillis, Trichomoniasis being the most common among them. There’s no widespread awareness about these diseases with most of the people especially youngsters.

Of course the main solution to avoid contracting STDs is to avoid multiple sexual partners. But there are number of other things to avoid STDs. And when someone contracts a STD, they do not know the symptoms of it and dismiss it as something simple. And when they realize it as an STD by reading things online, they panic as they may wrongly co-relate their symptoms with the STD. Also most of these people do not want to see a Venereologist because of social taboo and privacy reasons. Venereologist is an expert in STDs.

There’s a misconception that when one has symptoms of STD, they should see a Sexologist. A sexologist is one who will help to solve your sexual problems. 

How an online doctor can help you in this?

An online doctor,  more precisely an online venereologist can possibly understand you better and help you out. They in fact understand your social taboo and your stigma towards STD very well. They advise tests which you can probably take it from a laboratory and report back to them or upload your existing reports (if any) for a far more clear reply. You can type your health queries crystal clearly to them. They will also advice you to meet a venereologist if needed in person. You may wonder why should you meet an online venereologist in person before you meet them in person. The reason is the online doctor would have clearly alleviated your doubts and make you understand the real issue. This will also reduced your anxiety and you would not panic when its need to meet a doctor in person and the online doctor’s vantage point would actually help your doctor to understand your issue more clearly and provide you with a solution.

In the case you have met your doctor in person, you may have missed asking certain questions to him. You can ask an online doctor with the doctor’s reply(the one who you met him in person) and he would explain it clearly. You can always think that an online doctor is someone who is always accessible at any time to you.

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