Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Surprising foods that ruin your sleep and foods that help you reach a deep sleep.


Sleep Inducers


Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Milk: ​Serotonin is a brain chemical which helps in mood stabilization and sleep induction. Milk is rich in the tryptophan, an amino acid. Tryptophan has a significant role to play in the secretion of serotonin.



Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Banana: Banana is an excellent source of potassium and magnesium which helps in relieving your stress and relaxing your muscles respectively. The high carbohydrate content in bananas also helps in inducing sleep.



Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Whole Wheat Cereal: It might be the favorite breakfast for most of us but it can also be considered a very good sleep inducer. When taken along with a cup of warm milk, you will start getting sleepy in no time.



Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Rice: Being one of the richest sources of carbohydrates, it is not a favorite food for people looking to reduce weight. But, there is no denying the fact that is a wholesome food. Being easy to digest, if taken during the night, it helps in getting a sound sleep.


Sleep Stealers


Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Wine: Red wine has several health benefits if taken in limited quantities. But the fact remains that it does not do much good to your sleep. It reduces your sleep quality which results in you being tired the entire next day.



Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Green Tea: Green Tea is a very healthy morning drink that helps in fastening your metabolism and gets you ready for the day. Same is the reason why it should not be taken during the night. The caffeine in green tea makes you lose sleep.



Chicken or Cottage cheese: You might usually feel drowsy after a heavy meal with chicken or cottage cheese. It does not change the fact that such a heavy dinner takes a lot of time to digest which will result in you having a disturbed sleep.


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