You May Have 99 Problems, but Your Skin Should Not Be One!

You May Have 99 Problems, but Your Skin Should Not Be One!

With all life’s stress, the hustle-bustle, and melancholy, we often forget to honor and shower love and affection on our skin. Skin, the largest organ of our body, does need some TLC from time to time. November marks national skin health month, and you could begin your skincare journey if you still have not. How could you do so? Curious? Keep reading…

1. Do Not Wrinkle; Make SPF Your BFF!


If you are one of those who ditch their sunscreens once the summer is over, then you are up for some serious gamble. For happy skin, you must be loyal to your sunscreen. Even if you huddle up like a sushi roll under multiple layers during the winter, the sun still touches your skin all year long, so it is crucial to remain vigilant year-round. Long-term excessive sun exposure can hasten your skin’s aging process and make you susceptible to skin disorders in the long run. Therefore, this month and every month after, protect your skin from the sun rays by slathering some good quality sunscreen. Physical protective gear like a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses can also be your friends!

2. Do Not Be Fated; Rather, Stay Hydrated!


Water your roots so that your soul blossoms, inside out and throughout! Irrespective of the quality and quantity of skin care products you would use, the best way to nourish and hydrate your skin is from the inside. You must quench your skin’s thirst if you want to attain radiant skin. When dehydrated, your skin tends to put on a dull front, so drink plenty of fluids to keep those inner cells smiling!

3. Wash the Gunk Away!


Washing out debris, dead skin cells, and makeup, which could clog your pores and dull your sparkle, is crucial for maintaining healthy, radiant-looking skin. As necessary as cleaning your face is, it is equally important to understand that one should avoid overwashing their face. Although your face might feel squeaky clean on excessive washing, it strips the face from its natural skin barriers. Long story short, wash your face every morning and night, regardless of how daunting the task may seem. Oh, and Alexa, please set a reminder to remove makeup before anyone hits the hay!

4. They Are Not Balloons, so Stop Poppin’ Them!


One is easy, two is a party, three is laughter, and four? Well, it is a disaster. The urge you get to pop that bothering pimple you have, Uh-oh, we feel you! Well, well, no matter how tempting it might be to pop your pimples, bear in mind that doing so can worsen your skin state. A pimple can hint at excess oil production, an unclean face, or hormonal imbalance; popping them can leave you with long-lasting scars and pits. So, have patience with them, and do not mind paying a dermatologist visit when your acne situation is never-ending.

5. Do Not Harbor Devils in Your Diet


Remember, you are what you eat, and your skin reflects that. There is no debate on the fact that a balanced diet preserves our health and well-being. Several vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids are obtained via food and are crucial for optimal skin health. Therefore, a clean diet is vital for healthy skin. In fact, many skin conditions, such as acne, are associated with your diet. A diet rich in fats, sugars, and refined carbohydrates makes you susceptible to acne.


Just like dieting, skin care lacks a magic pill. You need to invest time and effort. Ensure that your skincare products are non-toxic, just like you. Remember, the trick is to age gracefully. So get that hydration kicked in and get glowy! Now stop wishing you had great skin, go and work on it!

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