World Smile Day: Do an Act of Kindness, Help One Person Smile

World Smile Day: Do an Act of Kindness, Help One Person Smile

An artist created iconic symbols that infected the present world with joy through his graffiti and emoticons. Smiley face was the first emoji he put out for the world to see, introducing the smile’s smiley creator- Harvey Ross Ball. This symbol was later the face behind World Smile Day, held every first Friday of October. This day is devoted to spreading little acts of kindness and simple joy regardless of race or gender. A smile has the power to reach many hearts and bloom this day and every other day as well. Look around you to see who needs a lift in their spirits with your smile; sometimes, it is the little things you do for others that keep them going.

1. Smile for Longevity


What can you do to expand your lifespan? Smile. Smiling effortlessly with your whole heart can help your happy hormones keep you healthy. Intense smiling is associated with a long life. Maintaining happiness as your daily dose suggests steady mental health. So smile like there is no tomorrow, and you sure will see a lot of tomorrows.

2. Smile for Stress Relief


Stress can show on the face quite clearly and drain you of all joys in your life. The smile that resides on your face can fade with stress and make life pretty miserable. In times when you are stressed, just use your smile as therapy. Watch a show that interests you, brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea, take a break, turn off your notifications, and hit back at the stress. Laughing helps you calm your stressed nerves, keeps the peace in your soul, and helps you handle tough situations. Smile like smiling is your lifestyle.

3. Smile to Elevate the Mood


For women with hormonal disorders, it is a must that you girls have multiple smile tabs open on the device that is your heart – mood swings can be a real dealbreaker. But it is nothing that you cannot handle. When you feel irritated or suffocated – breathe in and think of things that make you smile. The physical act of smiling initiates brain activity that influences your emotional state in a good way. Smiling comes from the inside, so knock it out of the park, especially when you are down and low.

4. Smile to Kick the Pressure


If you are someone who has blood pressure – laughing therapy is at your rescue, and trust us, you need it. A simple smile can activate neuropeptides that improve neural communication, thereby reducing pressure. Let smiling be your natural antidepressant. Laughing can reduce blood pressure after causing an initial increase in breathing and heart rate. A smile that gives life can also save your life.


A life made rich by bright smiles is an easily affordable life. It costs nothing but means everything. So say cheese now, and forever hold that pose.

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