Why is Your Medical Case History Important?

The great thinker Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future”. He meant that one should know the history of their ancestors to progress in life.  When history of your ancestors is that important, imagine how important it is know about your medical history. Documenting your medical history and storing it has lot of benefits. Read on to know what happened to one of our users on icliniq. He wanted his name to be anonymous. So for discussion purposes we are calling him John.

John is a 58 year old individual. He is an expat working in Singapore. He is a hypertension patient. Let us know a bit about his medical history and his obsession with documenting his medical records. He had the habit of undergoing a master health check up once in 2 years. In this act, he had taken photos of all his ECG (Electrocardiogram) reports. He used to send it to an online doctor at icliniq. Dr. Vivek Singla on icliniq used to answer his queries on the reports. His reports were always normal and John was pretty happy about it.

One day he felt that he had a minor discomfort in the chest area. It has happened to him a lot of times. And he always went to the emergency care of a hospital suspecting it to be a heart attack. But it always turned out to be a muscle pain. He also used to get second opinion from Dr.Vivek Singla, his online doctor on icliniq. Very recently he had a similar discomfort and once again he took an ECG and the doctors in emergency told that his ECG was normal and there was nothing for him to worry about.

John was happy that he was normal. Since he always had the habit of taking a second opinion with a doctor on icliniq as the online doctors on our portal were like his family doctor and they also knew his entire medical history. John’s job was nomadic and he has remained an expat for a long time. So John uploaded the photo’s of his ECG report on icliniq.

Dr. Vivek Singla saw his reports and immediately replied telling him that though his ECG report seemed normal on a first glance, there was definitely a variation from his previous ECG reports. He insisted that John undergo a Coronary Angiogram to rule out the possibility of a heart block. A block in the heart can cause a heart attack. John reluctantly underwent an Angiogram trusting his online doctor and HE DID HAVE A BLOCK IN HIS HEART. Immediately an angioplasty procedure was done on him and he is healthy now.  He thanked Dr. Vivek Singla for helping him to avoid heart complications.

This one example shows how important it is to save your medical case history and have a permanent doctor for oneself. As most of us are not in the same city for a long time, its ideal that we maintain touch with one doctor. Thanks to the internet boon. Because of it, one can store their records on an online healthcare portal and have a permanent online doctor for oneself.

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