What Your Blood Type Says About You?

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

What Your Blood Type Says About You?

Blood Type A :- 

  • They are often considered to be clever & passionate.
  • They would like very much to get along with others, this leads them to bottle up their emotions until the point where they explode.
  • They can also be very sensitive at times.


Blood Type B :- 

  • These are the people that who have a lot of friends.
  • They understand each person is unique and have different points of view.
  • Being so they do not usually disagree with others.
  • They can be considered to be well balanced.

Blood Type AB :- 

  • These are the ones who always tend to steal the show with a high energy level.
  • Only around 2 – 5% of people are of  this group.
  • They are very eccentric and always want the spotlight.


Blood Type O :- 

  • These are mostly the people who can cope with stress better.
  • They are focused, intuitive, & daring by nature, making them leaders by birth.
  • They often tend to be self reliant and prefer to be alone.

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