What Type of Facial Moisturizer Should I Use for My Face

What Type of Facial Moisturizer Should I Use for My Face

Every individual has a very particular skin type. You will not be able to maintain your inner glow, by using expensive skin products alone. Every skin type has a different need. There are a wide variety of skin care products to meet everyone’s requirement.

Dry Skin

People with dry skin often notice cracking, premature wrinkling, itching & flaking on their skin. Use petrolatum or any other emollient based creams to keep your skin soft.


Normal Skin

You are one of the select few, who have been blessed when it comes to skin type. Use light water-based moisturizers to maintain your skin.


Oily Skin

If you find that your face gets greasy or shiny by mid-day, you have oily skin. Using water based moisturizers will keep your skin dry for a longer time.


Combination Skin

If you notice that your T-zone alone gets oily, while the rest of your skin is normal, you have combination skin. Use gel based cleansers on your T-Zone and apply light water-based creams.


Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin notice that their skin often gets red, irritated & peels. Use skin creams which have dehydrators like mineral oil or glycerin. While avoiding the ones with irritants like parabens & formaldehyde.

Apart from the type of skin you have, your skin will also need specific care while you age. You will notice spots on your skin by the time you are 30. When you reach 40, you will start noticing prominent dark circles, under your eyes. Your skin might start wrinkling when you reach 50 years of age. You will need to adapt to different types of skincare products with age too.

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