What to Do After Eating Oily Food?

What to Do After Eating Oily Food?

No matter how conscious you are, sometimes it is all about living in the moment and vibe without caring about many things. There are times when you just want to give in to your cravings. Even fitness freaks observe a cheat day wherein they indulge in their favorite unhealthy foods. Consuming too much oily and fatty foods can affect your health in ways that can also hamper the functioning of your essential organs. When you take in a lot of oily food, you need to see that you balance it out to minimize its impact on your health. Here are a few tips you can follow after eating oily food, and not let the fat grease your heart.


1) Drink Warm Water


After binging on oily or fatty food, drinking lukewarm water is the best option. As we all know, water is helpful in detoxification by activating the digestive system. It also breaks down the nutrients into small portions making it more digestion-friendly. You can also prevent dehydration and constipation.

2) Go for a Walk


After drinking a glass of lukewarm water, you can go for a brisk walk. Oil and fatty foods are heavy foods. So walking boosts the metabolic rate, which helps your body digest the food rapidly by promoting stomach motility. And you may feel way better after walking.

3) Consider Taking Probiotics


Probiotics play a vital role in boosting gut health. Having probiotics on a regular basis helps to improve your gut health. So after eating oily or fatty foods, you can take probiotics like curd or yogurt. This will improve the gut microflora, which will help in the digestion of the oil and fats. This will help prevent oil from hampering your health.

4) Consume a Fruit or a Vegetable


If you have taken oily or fatty foods, you need to make sure you take a fruit or vegetable after that. This is because fruits or vegetables contain vital vitamins and minerals that aid in digestion and prevent stomach problems that oil and fat can cause.

5) Drink Green Tea or A Detox Drink


Having green tea after binging on oil and fatty foods is also a better option. Or you can have a detox drink to flush out the fat before it gets collected in the body. It also prevents weight gain.


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