What Might Be Causing the “Ringing” in Your Ears?

What Might Be Causing the “Ringing” in Your Ears?

Hearing a disturbing sound in your head that nobody else can? If yes, you are suffering from a condition that is becoming most prevalent, tinnitus. The annoyance produced by these ringing, buzzing, hissing, or humming sounds is unexplainable. Unlike how pestering it is, the causes are not always serious. Read on because we have thrown light on some common causes of tinnitus.

1) Earwax Blockage


Do you know a simple earwax blockage can cause tinnitus? Yes, accumulation of excessive earwax results in tinnitus. Now, with this information, are you searching for the earbuds to remove the earwax? Before you plug the earbuds into your ears, be aware that by doing so, you push the earwax a little more inside and increase your chances of developing tinnitus. Feel like having earwax, reach out to an ENT specialist to get it checked and cleaned.

2) Ear Infection


Have you ever felt your ear drops running down your throat? It is because of the eustachian tube, which is a small tube that connects the ear with the pharynx (throat). Despite connecting it, your ear pressure is equalized by the eustachian tube. Any infection that occurs in the eustachian tube brings about an imbalance in the ear pressure, leading to tinnitus.

3) Damage to Hair Cells


Might be quite indifferent to hear, but your inner ear has tiny hairs. When these delicate hairs are broken, electrical impulses leak randomly, which are interpreted as sound by the brain. You can hear the tinnitus sounds even when there is no external sound.

4) Noise Exposure


Being exposed to loud noises for a continued period of time can result in hearing loss. This is something that almost everyone is aware of. But what is quite interesting to know is these loud sounds can also cause tinnitus. Based on clinical data, people with increased exposure to loud noises are majorly affected with tinnitus. Stay away from loud noises and if unavoidable, make sure you wear adequate protective aids.

5) Aging


Just like how hearing loss is a very common sign of aging, tinnitus is too. Are you taking the tinnitus sounds lightly? It is high time you get them tested because tinnitus can be an initial clue for hearing loss. In addition, certain medications or high blood pressure can also lead to tinnitus. If any older adult in your family has a complaint of tinnitus sounds, take them out to have a quick check-up.


Although tinnitus cannot be cured in wholesome, treating the underlying cause reduces it, or you become used to the sounds over time. In addition to the causative treatment, addressing psychological problems is essential. Be calm and do not stress over things; not in your control.

Know someone with tinnitus? It is a lonely struggle that the affected individual is facing on a daily basis. So treat them with care and concern because we do not know exactly what they are going through.

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