What Is Your Phobia?

What Is Your Phobia?

What Is Your Phobia?


Aerophobia – One person out of four is affected by this. This is the fear of travelling in an airplane, helicopter or any other flying object for that matter.

Nyctophobia – Is the fear of darkness and the uncertainty associated with it.

Glossophobia – This is one of the most common phobias. People with Glossophobia are the once who are afraid of public speaking. They usually have a high anxiety level.

Necrophobia – This can be characterized as the fear of death and also the fear of corpses.

Trypanophobia – Around 4 to 10 people in the world are characterized by this phobia. This is the persistent fear for sharp objects like needles, injections, knives etc.

Kakorrhaphio-phobia- People with this phobia have a constant fear of failure. Hence they are very tense and feel the need to prove them selves better every day.

Gynophobia- Have you seen people getting restless or awkward the moment they see women? These are the people affected by this phobia. It can also be characterized as hatred towards women at times.


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