What if Your Productivity Needs a Boost?

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


What is being productive? In short, it is keeping yourself occupied throughout the day. But how can you do that without feeling monotonous? This blog shall help you with that!

1. Never Too Old for a Morning Ritual



When I say – a ritual, it does not have to be something tremendous; but as simple as starting your day with a glass of water. Studies have shown that a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach helps with uneasy stools and eases your muscles and mind. Followed by that, you could engage in physical activities that interest you or take a long shower. So take in these suggestions and customize your own ritual!

2. Meal Prep – To Pep up Productivity


You are what you eat! Prepping your meals will let you experience the goodness and value of what clean eating can add to your living. Include greens in exciting ways, such as smoothies and salads; also, you could add your craved nuts for that added crunch. Be more productive and explore new recipes!

3. Pledge a Habit – To Change Your Life



We never know our capabilities until we test them ourselves. Make a note of the challenges you would like to try. Indeed, a person could implement so many things in their daily life to keep it productive, such as walking to work instead of transportation, reading a book, practicing gratitude journaling, taking no processed snacks, trying intermittent fasting, etc.

4. Add a Bit of a Color Everywhere You Go


It would be pretty dull to live in the same furniture or decor, be it a workplace or your home. Adding colors or palettes, live plants, and a different decor set can enlighten you to build the surroundings you would like to have around you. Being in a place that you love also helps in de-stressing naturally.

5. Repeat After Me – Optimism Is the Key


We live in a world where not everyone wishes good for you. It is a mandate you come across such faces in the phases of life. It may affect your mental health directly or indirectly; however, it is in your hands to draw the line and cultivate positivity. When you establish a peaceful space for yourself amidst the negativity, there comes nothing to waver you mentally and emotionally.


6. Declutter the Clutter


Being sorted is the best way to get yourself more productive. Declutter your mailbox; however it suits you, keep your resume updated then and there to grab the attention of the newly evolving working platform. Tidy up and reorganize your refrigerator weekly with a meal prep you would like to have for the week. Follow the expiration date for the packed food you consume and discard the expired ones; this helps you be productive and lead a healthy life.

Flip to a full-on productivity mode by implementing the above to your not-so-happening life and attracting several eventful happenings your way.

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