What Are The Side Effects Of Worrying?

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Worrying too much can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. Worrisome thoughts have the ability to interfere with everything. It does not let you concentrate, it disturbs your sleep or let your mind be at rest.

Here are a few side effects of worrying you need to be on the lookout for.





We all have the habit of staying up at night now and then thinking about something. But if this becomes a regular habit and you start losing sleep, it can become very bad for you. A good night’s sleep every day is a necessity for your body. Sleeplessness can interfere with your physical and mental functions the following day and make you unproductive.

2.Digestive Issues



For a lot of us, worrying can result in you having the feeling of a tight and heavy stomach. It can feel like your abdominal cavity has been tied up into one big knot. Worrying and the anxiety caused due to it can result in health issues like ulcers and heartburns. Worrying can also cause weight gain. Since your body is by nature designed in such a way to store fat while you are stressed.

3.Memory Problems


You might feel that constantly worrying about something can help you be prepared for the problem. But the fact is that worrying too much interferes with your consciousness and distracts your mind from the real solution. Constantly worrying creates more problems and inturn increasing problems makes you worry more.

4.Skin And Hair Damage


Stress and worry can release too many cortisol, adrenaline and similar stress hormones into your body, which causes acne in your skin and hair loss as well when they start converting into cholesterol. We tend to take our physical appearance very seriously and once this starts going bad, you start worrying more.

5.Fertility Issues


Worrying too much messes with a person’s hormonal levels. It can create serious issues when it comes to the fertility of a woman. The reason for this can also be evolutionary since your body avoids conception in high-stress situations.

6.Heart And Cholesterol Problems


Worrying too much keeps your heart rate and blood pressure high, which causes a lot of problems in your body, including circulatory issues. Worrying increases the adrenaline production and distribution in your body. This unused adrenalin gets converted into cholesterol and increases the risk of heart diseases in a person.


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