We Like to Move It, Move It, the Simple Way

We Like to Move It, Move It, the Simple Way

We often get caught up in a monotonous nine-to-five grind without realizing it. However, as we age, this prolonged sitting and grinding may lead to severe health conditions or weaken our muscles and body. So can you quit your sitting job to keep your body moving? This blog will give you an insight on how to move more while you perform other everyday activities.

1. I Am an Indoor Person


Well, if you are someone who loves to do indoor activities yet is stuck in a cubicle all day, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Pick your own walking space to sip on your coffee during breaks. Get an indoor plant that requires your care and attention every day. Leave your lunch box in the vehicle and park your car far away. This gives you a reason to vacate the seat you keep so warm and move when your tummy knocks for food. Practice these small activities daily to keep your body moving.

2. I Am an Outdoor Person


Depending on your work or the day’s priorities, begin gardening – it lets you move and breathe in nature. You do not need yard-style gardening; you can start gardening from a container. Instead of buying your groceries for a month, make a list only for two to three days and choose a path to walk and purchase your groceries. Walking while carrying the weight of your groceries will help strengthen the muscles. It is the little things that work for your betterment.

3. Parenting


Are you a pet parent? Choose activities that will engage yourself and your pets, and keep you playful and active. This way, you are happily bonding while also achieving a nonconventional workout. Likewise, if you are a parent, pick out sports that require lots of movement and activity, like skating, football, cricket, or whatever you and your kids enjoy. This way, you can have the best of both worlds – family time meets a fun little calorie-burning session. Implement these healthy practices when your kids are little, so they are aware and will grow better.

4. Long in the Tooth


Keeping oneself active applies to the elderly as well. Your age is no excuse! Listen to your favorite slow music, get up, move your feet, and swing your hands following the rhythm. Keep your body moving at whatever speed it can handle. Walk to the door, get the newspaper, and take slower steps while glancing at the headlines. Put on a kettle, and add chamomile flowers with a teaspoon of cinnamon and maple syrup. While sipping your tea, do your dishes delicately. As you try to keep your body moving, it listens to you and keeps going. Your body is what you make of it.


Get footloose, get your groove on, bust a move, grind, hustle, train, work out, kick some dust up – call it what you will, but just remember to get it done. Do it consistently, persistently, and without excuses. The results will surprise you, hustler!

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