Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

Are you heading to your kitchen or some restaurant to lighten up your mood? Do remember, whatever problem you have, food is not the solution. We know food can divert your mood, but it cannot take the problem away. Having food to tackle your psychic roller coaster is emotional eating, which itself can be a source of burden in the future. If you are stressed, before running into the pantry to find something to eat, do get to know ways to stop emotional eating.


1) Sweat it Out


Shake your body to shake off your worries. Relief from emotional distress can be sought by engaging in exercises. Rather than grabbing a bite, grab your shoes, go for a quick jog or walk. The endorphins released relax your brain and help you to distract from the stress. Thereby, you can stay away from emotional eating.

2) Food Diary


Know about your food patterns by having a food diary. Keep a note of all the food you take during the day, be it in big or small amounts. Also, do not forget to note down how you feel while taking those foods. This will help in identifying the foods that tempt you when under stress. You can either take it down in a notebook or a mobile application.

3) Healthy Diet


Fuel up your body by taking a healthy diet. It can help you identify whether you take food out of emotions or boredom. When under stress, do not munch onto unhealthy snacks; instead, consume healthy snacks like fruits and nuts. Do make your pantry and refrigerator free from these common culprits. Do remember to make healthy choices in food.

4) Meditation


Urge to grab something during a stress episode? Before having a bite of something, do try some breathing relaxation techniques. It helps in relieving the stress that can bring about overeating. You do not really have to search for places to do one. Just find a calm place in your home and start your deep breathing exercises.

5) Be Portion-Wise


Even when you are about to crunch on something, try taking it to the limit. Choose small plates and take a note of how many portions of food you consume. Do not binge eat. Give the needed time for your body, and in the meantime, engage in activities that can divert your mind.

6) Speak Up

Do not hesitate to have an open conversation with the doctor. Open up with your doctor about the problem you face so that he can help you with ways to determine the cause and treat it.


Eat food to fuel your body and not to feed your emotions. Crunching on foods for the problems you face will only add one more to the existing list. Instead, try other ways to move out of these feelings. Problems can either make you or break you. Choose and react wisely!

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