Ways to Prevent Cancer in Children

Ways to Prevent Cancer in Children

Cancer diagnosis is heart-wrecking. What’s more agonizing is getting to know that your child has cancer. Every parent has this question, “Can I do something and prevent cancer in my child? If so, how?” Are you the parent with a similar question running through your mind? Despite all the other things you do, your child’s physical health matters the most. Set things right for your child by following the below lifestyle adaptations.

1) Avoid Tobacco


It might be weird to look at initially! But children take up your actions more than your words. Despite getting hold of the habit, they also get the adverse effects of tobacco smoke. Passive smoking, in general, is as dangerous as active smoking. So, do not smoke in front of them if you want them not to catch up with the habit of smoking. Also, do not allow other people to smoke around your child.

2) Healthy Diet


Temptations are especially true with children because they tend to be attracted by the colorful foods shown in advertisements. Having these processed or junk foods once in a while is fine, but when they take it frequently, it creates concern. Inculcate good healthy eating habits in your child because it helps prevent cell damage and inhibits the formation of chemicals that cause cancers. Therefore, include many fresh fruits and vegetables and fibers in your child’s diet.

3) Regular Exercise


Are the childhood activities of today’s children the same as it was 10 to 20 years ago? It is definitely a big ‘no.’ The electronic gadgets have kept aside all the outdoor activities, turning the most-energetic children into mere couch potatoes. Doing regular exercise brings about hormone stabilization. Therefore, encourage your child to go out and play outdoor games, but only with proper COVID guidelines. If not, take them for a walk when you do so or ask them to do regular exercise at home; only then will they take up the habit.

4) Healthy Body Weight


None of us want our child to look weak and pale, but are we concerned if the child is overweight? Being overweight is something to be taken seriously. Fatty tissues can result in cellular overgrowth, which is the base for cancer. So, avoid excess fat intake in your child and encourage your child to always maintain the ideal body weight.


5) Reduce Chemical Exposure


Have you taken lightly about your child’s chemical exposure? Be cautious about the chemicals your child is exposed to. Do not bring home substances like Benzene, Arsenic, and Asbestos from industries or workplaces. Also, your household cleaners contain chemicals that can cause harm to your child. So, do keep the chemicals away from the reach of the children.

Got to know the lifestyle modifications, and wondering when it will be the most effective? Although the gestation and adolescent period are the best times to prevent cancer in a child. However, following it throughout instills good characteristics needed for healthy living.

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