Viral Social Media Trend Leaving Diabetics on the Loss

Viral Social Media Trend Leaving Diabetics on the Loss

Media sets the trend, for which people come up with new ideas, try their best to give view-worthy content, and it goes viral. Hard work sure goes into it; not complaining. But, in a million views a trend gets, not all eyes can perceive it in the same thought process that went into the creation.


Not taking a dig at social media here, but this is mostly the sitch behind any must-have product on the internet. The item flies through the air, only to be caught by eager hands. Not to be surprised, a recent trend has outraged a shortage of the diabetes medication “Ozempic” after it was promoted online as an effective weight-loss treatment.

1. Ozempic – What Is It?


Ozempic is an injectable medication used to treat type 2 diabetes, a drug also known for its ease of use. FYI, patients can easily self-inject this drug under their skin; oh wow! A quick run-through of how it works: It mimics GLP-1, a natural hormone released by the body when a person eats food. It increases circulating insulin and slows stomach emptying, which delays nutrient absorption, thereby preventing a glucose spike after meals – an action required in every person with diabetes as this process is compromised in their case.

2. Why Is There a Sudden Sag in Supply?


Ozempic, as part of diabetic treatment, regulates digestion, causing people to feel fuller and eat fewer calories. With this, it is obvious that one will lose weight after taking it! Discovering this “side-effect” has made “Ozempic” – a social media sensation as the “weight loss magic,” garnering over 300 million views. Many people who do not have diabetes are taking it off-label and crediting it for their weight-loss success. The drug’s popularity on social media has resulted in global shortages and made diabetics whine about the Ozempic’s constant out-of-stock status.

3. What After-Effects Has This Led To?


Ozempic getting enlisted as “currently in shortage” is shocking, but what is even more shocking is the cause. This might not be hype worth content for a social media trend, but it concerns too many lives fighting to keep their sugar levels grounded. We know and do understand how the unrealistic standards set on weighing a certain way have influenced and affected people, but using someone else’s life aid to achieve our beauty standards is not good!


And by doing so, what are we risking? We risk the blood sugar getting out of control in diabetics and them suffering sad aftermath. The damage done already is done, but let us not make things difficult for them anymore, please. Moreover, unanticipated complications are bound to occur when you do not have diabetes and use it specifically for weight loss. A sudden drop in blood sugar levels, kidney-related complications, and allergic reactions to the drug are a few on the list. Our two cents on this: be mindful of what you take in just to lose a few inches!

Perhaps you will lose some weight, or perhaps it might give you a size zero figure; but do you know what is even better? Achieving it by doing the right. Wanting a slim body is okay; what is not okay is compromising health and following the wrong path to achieving it! Yes, it takes time to achieve what you want if you do it this way. But trust me, this stuff outweighs everything else because – you worked hard for it. We wish you health and happiness. Let us live happily, and let others live happily!

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