Unearthed: Food Freedom

Unearthed: Food Freedom

Eliminating the funda: “you cannot eat everything” is – food freedom. We all want both: fitness plus health. However, when we lack these, we frame our food choices as the blame. Blaming food choices for our ill-being is on the fence between right and wrong, as every food choice of ours can neither be always right nor wrong. There is always: sometimes. Here is how you can flex the unflexing dieting culture rules.

1) Well Fed, Not Hangry!


Your food freedom comes with creating a neutral relationship with your body. As in listening to your body’s cues and not sticking to the tiring rules. Sounds complex, right? To simply put, eat the food of your liking with moderate portioning. Health matters, so never go outta the averages line. Letting yourself starve, reasoning losing pounds will no way give delight. Remember, starving yourself or feeding half only makes you unfit and never fit.

2) Be Nutri and Free


Some mistake, food freedom for feeling free to binge eat even the unhealthiest. No, that is not what it means. Instead, it is to take both the soul and body’s cues on the same plate. Eat foods that you want by choosing its healthier version, which I call – ‘gentle nutrition.’ Mix and match food habits to feel good but never dwell on the guilt of breaking a food rule. Mind to never obsess over food. Eat for your need and not for your social media feed. Never too picky, but the needs picky is what you wanna be.

3) Go Intuitive!


Eating in measures can please your mind, but never your body. Give room for intuition in structuring your plate, which will let you dine being mentally fine. Our lives are already stressful enough to survive; why stress even when dining. Very often, we get conscious of eating less to avoid weighing more, which, with time, will make you whine. Intuition often feeds the right. So, let us try to be intuitive eaters for once, shall we?

4) People Scare Never Care!


Mostly, for most of us, our lives are all about what others think, making us spot body-shaming and fat-shaming everywhere. People set their self-esteem at the level others set, which never lets them see themselves through their eyes. Well, though it is the case with everything else, hiding your plate, fearing others will judge, has been here too. These man-made strategies of looking and weighing so and so are still man-made; someone like you and me! So, why not set our own set of levels if someone like you has set it for God knows what reason. While what others say sometimes has a right, there is again a ‘sometimes’ right? Always eat for you, not for that creepy neighbor of yours!


Freedom in food mostly matters on your likes; but giving a thought in knowing the right with bending into it is always a good diet. I hope this blog has given you an insight!


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