Transforming lives, digitally with iCliniq

Transforming lives, digitally with iCliniq

Pediatric care is extremely sensitive, and one has to be careful while treating infants. The delicate nature of the child’s body puts added pressure on the doctors to be extra cautious while nursing them. It is for this reason; parents always resort to the most reputed and trusted doctors to take care of their precious child. However, the cost and geography can get in the place of accessing the best doctor for an ailment. Getting proper medical advice at the right time can be thankful. But notably technology has altered this course of action and has given us online consultation platforms that are both easy to use, and trusted.

One such platform that offers impeccable medical assistance online is iCliniq. The digital healthcare platform has doctors consulting for various disciplines of medical science. Since the commencement of #iCliniq100hrs, patients from different parts of the world have benefited as the program offers 100 hours of unhindered medical assistance round the clock. For a young mother from Australia, this particular service changed the life of her 45-days old infant. The story of how iCliniq doctor miraculously treated the child virtually inspires the medical world and gives hope to everyone that medical science has evolved beyond the walls of a hospital.

When an infant from Australia suffered from breathing issues, the mother instantly realized online consultation was the quickest solution to this problem. Through the iCliniq platform, the doctor conducted the consultation by asking questions that explained the situation with the baby effectively. With the help of technology, the doctor further persuaded the mother to send a voice clip of the child suffering from breathing problems to understand the severity of the condition. Upon analyzing the clip, the doctor diagnosed the child to suffer from laryngomalacia, a condition that made breathing a problem for the child. After treating the patient online as one would at a clinic or hospital, the platform ensured a seamless medium of communication for both the doctor and the patient. The ease of connecting with the doctor while at home and most importantly connecting with a reputed doctor from across the world is one of the primary reasons for patients to resort to online medical consultation. With #iCliniq100hrs program, the portal offers undisrupted service, thus increasing the chance of getting complete medical attention.


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