Top 7 Tips for Good Digestion

Top 7 Tips for Good Digestion

When the food we eat does not go through a proper digestion process, we start facing several issues with our health. This may result in you suffering from flatulence, constant belch in your stomach and bloating as well. This uneasiness in your stomach will create a lot of discomfort and pain in your stomach.

Here are a few prominent techniques using which we can make sure such situations do not arise.


1.Sip warm water


Sipping a cup of warm water early in the morning on an empty stomach promotes your digestion. Having a cup of warm water thirty minutes before every meal can also do good for your digestion. This habit will help in cleaning your digestive system and process food better.

2.Follow eating pattern


While you start eating, begin with whatever is easier for your stomach to digest. Move on to consuming complex foods slowly. It is very important that you avoid overeating. Overeating can become an important reason you start facing digestive problems.

3.Sit and eat your food


Make sure you take some time to sit down and eat your food slowly. Do not have the habit of eating your food in a rush and swallowing it without chewing properly. When your body is relaxed when you eat it is easier for your stomach to digest food.


4.Do not hold your pee or stool


Once you start having the urge to use the restroom, do so without any delay. Whenever there is a delay in your excretion process your rectum muscles begin to get strained and you might start feeling pain. This might later make passing stool tricky.

5.Avoid late night meals


Try to eat all your meals at the right time. Most specifically, when it comes to supper, do not have the habit of consuming it very late at night. It will also help if you consume very light food during dinner.

6.Drink ample water


Water can become a natural remedy for several health issues, including irregularities in your digestion process. A minimum of 8-10 glasses of water a day is required to keep your digestive system clean. Enough water makes sure that both your urine and stool also pass along smoothly.


7.Do not avoid spices


Common spices, namely black pepper, coriander and ginger do not only add taste to your food, they are also very healthy. They also help in making your digestive system more efficient.

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