Top 6 Tips To Prevent Cavities

Top 6 Tips To Prevent Cavities

Tooth decay can not only be painful or expensive but can also result in further complications like gum disease or abscesses which might end up creating a more complicated situation.


There are several ways you can put an end to tooth decay at the start and prevent further complications. Read further to know what you can do to maintain good oral hygiene.

1. Brush regularly.


Everything starts with the basic. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Experts say it would be better to brush your teeth after every proper meal you have had if possible. If not possible at least make an effort to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

2. Use mouthwash.


Using fluoride mouthwash twice a day gives your teeth added protection. The liquid enters every gap between your teeth and prevents tooth decay.

3. Drink normal water.

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Drinking a lot of water helps increase saliva generation and rinses of unwanted bacteria accumulation in your mouth. Drinking tap water is much healthier than drinking bottled water since most of the governments make it mandatory to add fluoride to the public water supply to keep it clean. Just like in several other cases water plays a significant role in protecting your dental health as well.

4. Cut the sugar.


It is no surprise when we say that a lot of sugar is bad news for your oral health. Lesser the sugar you consume lesser you are at the risk of suffering from tooth decay. If you unexpectedly consume a lot of refined sugar make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly at the earliest.

5. Consider dental sealants.

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If you feel that you are regularly at the risk of tooth decay and need extra care, please check with your dentist about tooth sealants. They help in preventing against tooth decay and other dental problems by sealing off crannies, nooks and grooves in your teeth. With proper dental care, sealants can last up to 10 years.

6. Make dental visits a routine.


Make sure you get your teeth examined and cleaned by a professional at least once in six months. If you are more prone to the risk of deteriorating oral health, your dentist might advice more frequent visits. Make sure to follow your dentist’s advice to the dot.


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