Top 6 Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

Top 6 Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet intends to burn the fat in your body at an accelerated rate by limiting your carb intake. This diet targets specific areas like your liver where there is fat storage that you might not even know about.

Apart from the accelerated loss in weight, a diet with such a low carb intake has a lot of other medically proven health benefits.



1.Increased energy. 

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Ketogenic diet gives your body steady and consistent energy stopping our metabolism from the usual downtime some of us might feel during midday. It keeps you energized throughout the day.


2.Weight loss. 

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A ketogenic diet has a list of foods that keep you full for a longer time hence making you eat less in terms of quantity. This reduces your insulin level and burns more fat as a result, leading to weight loss.




3.Control blood sugar. 

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Cutting down carbs makes it easy for your body to reduce and control your blood sugar level. A consistent and normal blood sugar level is very beneficial for pre-diabetic or type II diabetic patients.


4.Appetite suppressant.

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 A high carb diet usually leaves you with a feeling that your stomach is not full yet. A diet with a lot of healthy fat is usually more satisfying. The feeling of a full stomach does not give way for unnecessary cravings or hunger pangs.



5.Mental focus.

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Excess carbs in your system can make you feel low and cloud your mental focus because of blood sugar spikes. Ketogenic diet leaves no way for such spikes and helps you keep a steady mind. Ketones are usually a great source of fuel for your brain.


6.Lower Blood Pressure.

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Fluid retention in your body is a result of excess salt consumption. This leads to high blood pressure in the longer run. Ketogenic diet being a low carb diet helps stabilize blood pressure since it is diuretic by nature.



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