Top 5 Benefits of Lab Tests Being Done at Home

Top 5 Benefits of Lab Tests Being Done at Home


As we grow into the diabolical changes of the planet, we are often left exposed to a numerous forms of health problems. Obesity, which was once a distant encounter, has now crawled its way into young adults and teenagers’ lives. Similarly, many other health related problems have started to affect us. While it maybe impossible tone prepared for any such occurrence, we can be cautious by having regular tabs on our health.

But, with work and family consuming most of time, we are left with only a small space that is carved just for us. The pressure at work has take a toll on our health. Physical fitness and medical checkups should not take a backseat. However, the fast paced life has left us with little choice. Alternatively, in a world where everything can be home-delivered, healthcare industry also have welcomed this new change and started offering lab-tests at home.

What are the benefits of home-lab tests?

1. Easy and efficient
Home tests are easy as they can be done at the luxury of your house. There is no need to look for commutation as the ser-vices are brought to your doorstep. As we constantly look to avoid tests due to the traffic and other personal issues, the op-tion to opt for home tests seems like a better option. Also, this also reduces the waiting time at a clinic as you are the only one that is getting tested.

2. At your convenience
There is no need to check your calendar for fixing an appoint-ment to get tested. You can get tested as and when you are free. The tests are scheduled to fit your schedule, and not the other way around. The option of total flexibility allows you to bend your testing hour based on your availability.

3. Best professionals in the industry
Portals like iCliniq offering home lab-tests have thorough pro-fessionals offering these services. The new-age online portals are built entirely on the knowledge of healthcare professionals. Their expertise in this field combined with the nuances of han-dling a patient makes the process both professional and safe. Also, the professionals are extremely careful with the appa-ratus used to avoid contamination.

4. Hassle free service
Book an appointment and wait for them to show up, it is that simple. These home tests are hassle free as there is no pay-ment worry or long queue on weekends. Weekend, weekday, morning, evening – the test times are endless and completely adjustable. Simple, easy to use apps allows one to select a date of their preference to conduct these tests thus ensuring utmost attention.

5. Hygienic and healthy
The fear of clinic hygiene is lost with home lab-tests. Environ-ment’s cleanliness plays a key role in preventing disease epi-demic. While the fear always lingers, home tests reduces the tension as you are aware of the environment. Also, the needles and other test equipments used are completely sterile and safe.

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