7 Tips to Maintain Healthy Eyes

7 Tips to Maintain Healthy Eyes


1. Get enough sleep

Your eye muscles need relaxation too. Following a regular sleeping pattern helps in the process of relaxation. Not getting proper sleep is also a reason why senior citizens face eye problems. While you sleep, the lubricants in your eye clear dust and dirt that settle in your eye during the day, preventing infections. 


2. Eat a healthy diet

As always, your diet also plays a significant role in your eye’s health. Including any form of omega-3 fatty acid in your food along with fruits and vegetables does well for your eyes.  


3. If you smoke, Quit

Smoking damages your eyes in the long term. It weakens the optic nerves and increases the chances of age related eye defects.  


4. Maintain your weight

This might seem irrelevant, but obesity increases the chances of diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes might even lead to vision loss. 


5. If you wear contacts, keep them clean.

If you are using contacts, beware of infections. Follow your eye doctor’s instructions to the ‘T’. Keep your contacts sterile. Sterilize your hands before handling your contacts. 


6. Wear protective Eye-wear

Harsh lighting and dust are not friendly to your eye. If your eye comes in contact with such harsh situations on a regular basis, it is better to wear protective eye gear. 


7. Get a regular Eye exam

Work with a good eye doctor(an ophthalmologist or optometrist ). It is better to make regular appointments and meet with your doctor and get your eyes tested. If you are suffering from any existing conditions, make sure you follow the Doctor’s advice and treatment. 


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