Tips to Avoid Kidney Stones

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

Tips to avoid Kidney Stones

Kidney stone has become a common problem in people between the age group of 30 – 60. But there are certain measures you can take to help you avoid the problem of kidney stones.



Tips to avoid Kidney Stones


1. Reducing Alcohol Intake

Tips to avoid Kidney Stones

The effects of consuming alcohol leads to your cells increasing your fluid output while restricting fluid intake. This leads to severe dehydration affecting your kidney.



2. Avoiding Sugary Drinks

Tips to avoid Kidney Stones

High fructose corn syrup has been popularly known to increase the risk of kidney stones. Sugary drinks are known to have a high corn syrup content.


3. Monitoring the Intake of High-Acid Foods

Tips to avoid Kidney Stones

Foods having higher acidic content may heighten the risk of kidney stones. They also make it more difficult for the stone to pass in the urine.


4. Reducing Salt Intake

Tips to avoid Kidney Stones

Salt, which is rich in sodium leads to the increased extraction of calcium by your kidney. The is one of the major causes for the development of kidney stones.


5. Drinking Lots of Water

Tips to avoid Kidney Stones

Increased intake of water is good for your overall health. It explicitly helps your kidney by diluting the chemicals which prompt the formation of kidney stones.


6. Avoid Processed Foods

Tips to avoid Kidney Stones

Processed or packed food is rich in either preservatives or saturated fat. Neither of these substances work well with functions of your kidney.


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