Tips for Protecting Your Eyes

Tips for Protecting Your Eyes
Tips for Protecting Your Eyes



1. Your eyes are a combination of different components like cornea, pupil, lens, retina and optic nerves. Take care of them, even your tears and eye lashes play a vital role in caring for your eyes.

2. When you keep looking at your monitor for a long time take periodical breaks, leave the premises & make sure you look at random distant objects. This will retain your eyes ability to focus.

3. Make sure the room you work is well lit. Improper lighting will lead to blindness at the worst case, by affecting your retina.

4. If you are already wearing spectacles make sure they have anti reflective coating. This will balance your vision in both bright and dim light.

5. Palming is a great way to refresh your eyes, when they feel tired.

6. Take a break occasionally and wash your eyes with cold water. This cooling effect will reduce the laziness in your eyes.

7. Drop some used tea bags in the refrigerator, while you leave for the office. Once you are back home place the tea bags on your eyes and rest for sometime. Do this on a regular basis to prevent puffiness in your eyes.

8. Your eyes love the vitamins A, C & E. Fruits and vegetables are rich in them.



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