Tips For A Healthy Mouth

Tips For A Healthy Mouth


Your oral hygiene should always be on top of your agenda every morning. Here are 7 ways to make sure your mouth stays healthy.

Do Not Get Too Attached: Change your toothbrush on a regular basis. We usually notice it only when it is too late and our toothbrush becomes obsolete. Once the bristles start fanning out, the toothbrush loses its effectiveness. The lifespan of a standard toothbrush is 3-4 months maximum.


Less Sugar: Cut back on sugary arrested drinks. The sugar in the drink settles on your teeth and degenerates your teeth’s enamel. We are not asking you to avoid aerated drinks as a whole. It would be better to cut back on the frequency.


Not Friendly: Smoking is known to affect your lungs, but it does not play friendly with your teeth either. Smoking harms your gums and turns your teeth yellow. Compulsive smoking might even lead to bone damage in your teeth or oral cancer.


Do Not Push: While brushing, moving along your gums in gentle strokes should do the trick. The most common misconception that ‘brushing hard is better’ needs to be forgotten.


Rinse Thoroughly: If you do not find the time or the facility to brush your teeth after every meal, at least get into the habit of rinsing your mouth thoroughly. This will get rid of anything stuck in between your teeth immediately.


Water, Water, Everywhere: Get into the habit of drinking 10-12 cups of water on a daily basis, at the least. Drinking a lot of water is good for your overall health including your oral health.


Remember Your Dentist: Though you brush your teeth twice a day, there is always a chance of plaque buildup on your teeth. Visit a dentist to remove the plaque build up and check for other problems as well.

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