This Video of a Two Year Old Yoga Instructor Will Blow your Mind!


The world witnessed the true brilliance of twisting bodies, stretched limbs and of course sprained muscles in the due course of the celebration of the World Yoga Day on the 21st of June. This was the ultimate tribute to an age-old tradition of physical, mental exercise that pre-dates most forms of modern physical exercises and or activities.

Yoga is not only a form of physical exercise. It attempts to transcend the metaphysical and tries to bring together the body, the mind and the soul in an attempt at unifying with grace and simplicity the mere existence of our human form. Yoga is, in itself a science, one that has been proved time and again to be significantly effective in multiple medical conditions including the likes of blood pressure, pain in joints, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, stress and anxiety.

Multiple studies funded by the US Department of Health, with participants being significantly affected by lower-back pain, claim that there is indeed considerable positive effect on the threshold of pain and functioning of their back when compared to conventional medicine. The effects of yoga are not limited to orthopedic complaints, rather, multiple studies including two carried out by the Journal of Clinical Oncology have explicitly stated that even for patients suffering from breast cancer, Yoga poses significant and universal health benefits. The University of Texas carried out a study in March, which concluded that for women undergoing radiation therapy, Yoga reduces tiredness and fatigue, improves their mental outlook, and regulates the primary stress hormone cortisol.

The benefits that Yoga offers for practitioners have been researched by multiple, reputed organisations and institutions and have time and again been proven to be incredibly effective for a wide range of health issues, the specifics of which will be too large to mention elaborate on a single blog post. However, it serves to caution future practitioners that they need to extensively focus on doing Yoga the right way and with proper guidance on posture, just to make sure that they do not end up doing complicating matters.

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