This Dental Practise Could Lead to Cancer!


Street Dental Service

Posted by Learn For Khmer on Tuesday, 24 June 2014


A dentist, a dental chair, dental instruments, a dental lab technician, denture materials, sterilization and everything else involved in the making of the denture is of no importance in this “Street Dental Service“.

The two similarities with the regular dental treatment is that a patient is involved in this procedure and an acrylic tooth is used to replace the missing tooth.

This guy has done such a harm to the patient. Did he really do this procedure knowing the ill effects of it?

  • Without gloves he does an intraoral procedure. By this way he would have transmitted infection for sure.
  • He uses pliers and wires inside the patient’s mouth and they definitely are not sterilized.
  • He casually cuts the excess wire with the wire cutter inside the patient’s mouth. What if the patient aspirates the cut piece of wire which would be sharp?
  • He uses cold cure acrylic resin (the pink colored material which he mixes in the bowl) intraorally. He places the cold cure material directly on the oral tissue and mounts the trimmed artificial tooth upon it. Imagine the damage caused to the oral tissue due to the heat generated by the exothermic reaction of the acrylic material while setting. This material has a strange smell and how did the patient manage to breathe during the setting time?
  • He somehow manages to carve out the excess material when it is partially set. But a lot of cold cure material is left as such on the adjacent teeth and on the oral tissues.
  • Sharp projections of the the wire poking the tissue for long term and, the rough and unpolished surface of the acrylic material may cause tissue irritation due to ill-fitting denture.
  • Improper tooth alignment, over a long time may cause problems like TMJ (temperomandibular joint) disorders.

This patient may get back to a dentist or a general practitioner after a few years with a complaint of tissue overgrowth or burning sensation in the mouth which might be an alarming situation like ORAL CANCER!!!

The only need of the patient here is asthetics which he reveals by smiling ignorantly at the end.

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