The MUST-TO-HAVE employee benefit @ Workplace

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team
The MUST-TO-HAVE Employee Benefit @ Workplace


In the day and age of increased tension, stress and anxiety, the work force is no longer inclined toward simple monetary benefits. The health of the employees lies with the employers. In the recent times, companies have understood the importance of offering health benefits beyond insurance coverage and general office medical attention. With the advancement of technology, there have come about a time of health consultants both in-house and virtual. Companies have started to embrace the need for a health specialist in the premises and have created facilities.


While this is a significant development, some of the health concerns are more emotional and mental. Work stress, peer pressure, and other causes for health issues have taken a toll on the mental health of the employees. Increased stress level often leads to several other body issues. Although employees take care of their stress and work tension, it is also the responsibility of the employers to lend a support system for better job performance and culture.

The rise of technology has been of great help for both employers and employees. Medical online platforms including iCliniq offer second opinions. This service brings the patient face-to-face with the best expert in the field to address the health concern they have. Doctors from US, UK, India, Singapore and several other countries are part of the portal for best world-class assistance.

Why iCliniq works as an employee benefit?


1. Sense of protection and wellness

There is a psychological satisfaction among employees when employers present such health services in the organization. It conveys a sense of care and protection toward the staff and works on the morale of the company’s culture.

2. Best world-class doctors as consultants

While it is physically difficult to bring the world class doctors in-house, these online medical consultation platforms help bridge the gap between fine healthcare and patients. The logistic and geographical barrier is lost as doctors can virtually attend to the patients immediately.

3. Help understand the culture in the organization thus improving work efficiency

With constant monitoring of the employees’ health, companies can now understand the areas that most affect their staff and take a call. Work stress, work environment, and workflow that affects the metabolism of the company is clearly a reflection of employees’ health and offering such medical service helps in improving the overall efficiency of the organization.

4. Increased health monitor

Most often, employees avoid doctor visits owing to huge medical bill and lack of time from work. With such health services available within the organization, they can attend to their health as part of their schedule. This involuntarily keeps a tab on the health thus improving their lifestyle if necessary.

5. Affordable

Another important factor that proves the benefits of online medical platforms is their affordability. As opposed to hospitals and other medical/health centers, these online platforms offer world-class service at a much affordable rate thus increasing the quality of health services employees get. Every employee is entitled to health services in the company thereby improving staff health and morale.

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