The Modern & Extended Support of Employers to their Team's Medical Challenges

The Modern & Extended Support of Employers to their Team's Medical Challenges

How can employers support the medical challenges faced by their team members?

In an age where everything is fast paced and result driven, we often forget the importance of health and put the need to take care of ourselves behind everything else. While it is appreciable to be work driven, one must also understand the importance of their health even before illness strikes. With work pressure mounting every day, most often the stress and other health problems are induced by work. Employees are no longer able to unwind their work at the office and relax at home.

So, how can employers support medical challenges of the company’s workforce?

1. Medical insurance

The most significant benefit employers can provide to the driving force of the organization is health insurance. Employees from different financial backgrounds are helped with this scheme provided by companies as there is a sense of security imbibed in them. Psychologically it also implies that the companies are taking care of the people thus promoting a positive morale about the company.

2. Physical fitness centers

Most of the hours are spent commuting to and fro work. After a long day, the need to resort to physical activity is lost due to the fatigue. The presence of fitness centers on office campus boosts the chance of employees involving in fitness activities before heading home. It also allows them to beat the traffic and head home as if one completed both work and fitness that day. Gyms, badminton courts, table tennis rooms are some of the commonly resorted options for physical activity. They also act as a stress buster for the employees thus improving work efficiency.

3. Medical camps

If there ever was a survey done to understand the number of medical tests taken by employees, one can understand the due importance given in this fast paced life. Weekends are spent with family and relaxing that one does not make the effort to keep tabs on the physical and mental health. Employers can support the employees by providing free medical camps on off days. This helps those in need of medical assistance get proper care from reputed health professionals.

4. Paid leave

Sick leaves are one other critical medical support that can be provided to employees. While maternity and paternity leave is granted, general illness leaves can also be included to give the employee a sense of belonging. The sheer pressure that mounts due to the need to return to work at the earliest takes a toll on the recovering body thus diminishing improving speed.

5. In-house apothecary and healthcare providers

In-house doctors and pharmacists are one of the easiest medical support that can be provided by employees to support the medical challenges of the employees. Counseling, medical care, and infirmary show the nurturing side of the organization. The presence of medical professionals is beneficial during the times of emergency and first aid. With the growth of technology and innovation, online healthcare providers like iCliniq offer virtual medical assistance thus making the employees receptive of the best world class medical practitioners.

Over the years, medical assistance within office has improved and with new technology online doctor consultation or telemedicine companies like iCliniq are revolutionizing the healthcare setup within organizations. With online healthcare portals offering patients services anytime & anywhere, several important health clarifications are being addressed virtually. These portals provide quality healthcare services that can be at times compared with hospitals, thereby allowing everyone online access to the best medical assistance, irrespective of their geographic position. Starting from startups to big empires can now provide the best health facilities at the most affordable and efficient cost.

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