The Lens Lingo: Embracing Rules of Lens Hygiene!

The Lens Lingo: Embracing Rules of Lens Hygiene!

Gazing over the horizon with those tiny discs in your eyes is truly a marvel. An estimated 40 million Americans see their world through these tiny contact lenses. The mystic appeal of these petite discs has truly attracted many. The tiny marvel grants the gift of sight without the weight of frames and lenses. However, a caveat does lie beneath the transparent contact lenses. Those who mess up with the rules of hygiene go in harm’s way. The very lens which made your vision crystal clear can turn them murky in no time! From infections to inflammation of the precious eye, bad lens hygiene can cast its looming shadow over life forever. However, staying away from this shadow is as easy as ABC! So dear contact lens enthusiasts, join this journey to unveil the secrets of lens hygiene and healthy eyes, ensuring you stay clear of the shadow over your life!

The Dirty Secrets!

Observing that one-third of contact lens users doze off with their lenses on is appalling. The worst part is that they are not so good at following their doctor’s suggestions and play hard to get when it comes to updating their lenses. Moreover, a startling proportion of these people are daredevils who chose to keep using their lens solution rather than switching it. The bait is all set, from not cleaning hands before handling lenses to keeping them on while taking a shower or a dip in a pool. What better red carpet welcome for those bad eye bacteria? Therefore, take note of this cautionary story, and keep the eye jewels sparkling clean. Your eyes will thank you!

Healthy Habits and Eyes!

The rules are not strict, but they will ditch you if not adhered to! Start a soapy journey by washing your hands vigorously and patting them clean and dry before handling the lenses. And stick to this, never sleep with the lenses on unless and until your doc expert asks you to do so. Say no to water sagas; though they may seem clear and foolproof, their stashed bacteria are all armed to attack you. Always remember healthy habits are equal to healthy eyes. Armed with knowledge, lead a healthy and clear vision.

No to Tag-Teaming!

Listen closely; when it comes to contact lenses topping off is a trap! Never tag-team a new lens solution with the leftover. Oh, and do not try to antique the lens case. Replace them every three months. When it comes to cleansing the case, water is again a disguised foe. Use the lens solution and rinse the case thoroughly, followed by a cozy drying session. Keep in mind that your eyes demand special attention!

Let Them Breathe!

Do not forget to give the TLC your eyes deserve. The cornea – beautiful and translucent but ‘oh-so-oxygen-dependent’ often struggles for oxygen with lenses on, and resorts to growing new blood vessels as a coping mechanism. That kind of turmoil is not what anyone wants, right? Overusing lenses can result in inflammation, irritated eyes, and lipid deposits that interfere with vision. Try to space out wearing the lenses and let your cornea take a deep breath. A little love for the eyes and contact lenses can go a long way!

So, dear folks, your eyes are your habits! Visit your eye specialist once a year or as the professionals suggest. Enlighten on proper contact lens care to learn the skills of lens hygiene. If your eyes start acting up with pain, itching, redness, or blurry vision, don’t hesitate; drop the lenses and call your doctor. For those mesmerizing orbs, keep in mind that eye doctor-approved elegance is key! Darlings, preserve your eyes fresh and amazing while letting them sparkle without a hitch!

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