The Health Hazards of Sitting Too Much

The Health Hazards of Sitting Too Much

Here’s how sitting negatively impacts your health.

1. Low Energy Expenditure: Sitting continuously reduces the thermogenesis activity level of the body. This increases the level of unused energy, resulting in feeling tired constantly.


2. Slower Metabolism: Continuous inactivity of the body slows down your metabolism as a whole. This increases fat deposit in your bloodstream, in turn reducing the effects of insulin.

 3. Compromised Posture: Sitting in the wrong posture affects your lumber disk by rotating your pelvis backward. This causes your shoulder to crouch for weight adjustment.

4. Back and Spine Injuries: Your spine and hip muscles support your entire body while you sit. Hence the constant pressure on your hip damages the spine and the supporting muscles.

5. Reduced Social Activity: Continuous activity while in a chair gets an individual used to the situation. Thus reduces the activity level of a person in whole.

6. Obesity: Sitting continuously reduces the function of major parts of the body literally to zero. This increases the number of unburnt calories resulting in obesity.

7. Loneliness or Depression: Being stuck at your desk throughout the day reduces the size of your social circle. This automatically leads to isolation triggering depression.

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