The Biggest Hospital Owns No Bed!

The Biggest Hospital Owns No Bed!

In today’s world, it is proved that you don’t need a vast repository of things to be leaders in your industry. Facebook leads the digital world but does not produce any content; Amazon is the biggest retailer, but has no product on its own; Uber is one of the leading transportation companies in the world but owns no car. The reason why all of these enterprises succeed is two fold – unparalleled customer service, one-of-a-kind user experience.

Along the lines of these companies, iCliniq rules the medical world. Being one of the biggest virtual hospitals in the world, iCliniq literally does not own a bed! Yes, the company provides top-notch medical advice and consultation through the virtual hospital that is built entire on the idea of making medicine and healthcare an available and affordable necessity for all. Having conquered the digital space with the inventive platform, the success of iCliniq as a reliable brand in the medical consultation forum is due to several factors including

1. Easy to use user interface

Focused entirely on creating a platform that is accessible by everyone from any educational background, iCliniq works on an interface that is easy to understand and quick to navigate. Anyone who has a computer and internet can now easily get the medical advice from anywhere in the world at the click of a button.


2. Affordability

The core idea of the platform is to make medical services easily available to all people irrespective of their economic or geographic position. With this forethought, the price point for the services offered is made to be economical for everyone. Their #iCliniq100hrs (Chat with a Doctor for 100 hours) is a testament to their fundamental ideology of offering service at a minimal fee.


3. Quick turnaround time

Since the platform works on a messenger-like system (Telegram, Slack etc.), it is easy to drop your queries and wait for replies. Owing to the ease of usage, both doctors and patients easily communicate without the hassle of technological challenges. The restriction less communication allows both medical practitioners and users to communicate anytime, anywhere.


4. Leading SaaS player in the medical world

Offering a solution as a service, iCliniq is one of the pioneers of using technology in the medical world. The expert development of the platform makes it easy for everyone to get medical advice and second opinions from top doctors across a myriad of medical studies.

About iCliniq:

iCliniq is a second opinion platform, where one can consult doctors online. You can get your health issues solved from wherever you are. As a recognition for quality iCliniq has been rated as the 5th best telemedicine companies in the world by Investopedia and Healthline.


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