The Best Value Additions under Employee Healthcare

The Best Value Additions under Employee Healthcare


The best value addition an employer can provide under employee healthcare benefits.

Spending long hours at work is part of every adult’s life. However, one is often left to wonder if the employer’s concern towards the employees’ well being. Employers often brainstorm to understand the needs of the staff so as to provide better schemes, both monetary and otherwise. One of the easiest ways to express concern and affection towards employees is by providing healthcare related amenities as part of the benefits offered by the company. Healthcare benefits not only protect the employees, but also gives a sense of protection and affection.

While there are so many healthcare options available, employers must carefully pick the ones that suit both the company and the employees. Some of the most affordable and best healthcare benefits that act as a value addition to the employees include :

Medical camps
Hosting medical camps in the office premises is an effective way of expressing concern towards your employees. These camps help those who are in need of medical attention but haven’t been able to get one for themselves due to financial or any other reason. With experts from the industry being a part of the camp, the employees get a sense of nurture from the employer.

Seminars on stress and health
Most often, we do not know the importance or extent of certain medical conditions. For instance, a common man does not know the symptoms of heart attack or stroke. Organising seminars that enlighten us with these symptoms that may help save life one day. Also, these seminars can cover several topics including stress management, anger management, CPR, etc.

Online medical facility
Having a doctor on campus was the rule in the past. With the innovation of technology, this concept has taken a backseat. Online medical portals including iCliniq offer medical assistance and opinions through their website, thus providing an internet doctor to all the employees. This option is one of the best healthcare benefits for the employees as the best doctors from the field is readily available.

Health insurance
The most commonly found health care benefit is the health insurance benefit. The benefit is decided based on the salary of the employee and it covers the basic aspects of healthcare thus ensuring the safety and security of the employee at the time of medical need.

Mandatory personal holiday
Some employees are bound to save holidays on endless count. This can lead to a rise in the stress and anxiety level. Employers reinstating the need for mandatory holiday are one of the best value addition to the employee’s’ health care benefit as they can unwind and relax. This also helps in increasing the morale and productivity among employees.

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