The best doctors do not need a separate clinic or dispensary

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

The best doctors do not need a separate clinic or dispensary

Virtual shops and virtual reality have become the ‘present’ for us in this technologically possessed world. Every activity that required personal visit can now be instantly done at the click of a button in the palm of our hands. With the ability to conquer the global world, brands have started to move towards the digital space to create a new name for themselves without the fear of high investment. When the whole world is busy embracing the digital era, isn’t it only fair for medical professionals to push themselves in the same area?


Doctors have been confined to clinics and hospitals to render their services. Without a physical venue to offer services, it was believed that the medical professionals cannot survive. However, the dawn of technology in the field of medical science proves otherwise. Pioneers of digital interventions in the field of medicine, iCliniq creates a virtual clinic for doctors to attend to patients from all walks of life. The ease of providing medical consultation without the need for a physical space thrills doctors to explore this new-age practice.

Some of the main reasons why doctors prefer iCliniq

1. No physical infrastructure

For a doctor to offer services through iCliniq, the only requirements they need beside the qualification and experience are a good internet connection and a laptop/mobile phone. The need to invest in acquiring/renting a clinic for a few minutes consultation can increasingly become difficult due to the cost involved. On the other hand, iCliniq offers a virtual space for doctors to mention their expertise while saving on the infrastructural expenditure.



2. Easy to register and use

Doctors can instantly sign up and use the app for extending their services to patients. iCliniq is a user-friendly platform that allows everyone to understand the various offerings easily without the help of a technical specialist.


3. Ability to attend clients from anywhere in the world

It does not matter if you are in Miami or Myanmar, doctors can attend to the patients from anywhere in the world without being there next to the patient physically. iCliniq is a global platform that creates a virtual hospital for all the medical requirements in the world. Doctors can be on vacation and still attend to patients who are in dire need without any worry.


4. Cost-effective

To run a clinic, doctors have to spend on electricity, staff, infrastructure, and transportation. In the day and age where every single item becomes a considerable expenditure, opting for digital consultation becomes a boon for doctors looking at avenues to save. A cost-effective virtual clinic becomes the number one priority as it is both time and profitability.


5. Flexible timing

Since doctors can answer queries/do video/phone consultations from anywhere, the need to create a specific work schedule is no longer necessary. Doctors can respond from anywhere based on their convenience as consultations happen through chat. In other words, it is easy for patients to post a question at any time while the doctors can check and revert when they receive it.


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