Talk to a doctor online? Is it safe?

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

Most people these days think twice before talking to a doctor online. In the sense, the question of trust comes here. The question of trust is justified because our body is technically the only place where we actually live. In-fact it might even worry the strongest person. Paying money for a health query with a question of trust on ‘talk to a doctor online’ concept adds to the stress of the already affected patient. Period.

We at acknowledge this question of trust in a person. Also with our research and experience we found that almost 70 percent of medical issues can be answered through talk to a doctor online concept.  Medical questions answered this way run into hundreds and hundreds on icliniq.

That is why we have made an option to ask a health query for FREE to build trust. In-fact icliniq pays the doctors on behalf of the patients to answer for the free queries. We do this to build trust for them to talk to a doctor online on icliniq.


Of course, giving options to post a free health query does not by itself mean people have to trust us. The reason is they can try asking questions and see how the doctors on answers.

Without building a trust or satiating the element of doubt, we at icliniq feel it is not ethical to ask our users to pay to consult doctors.

Now comes the next question after the question of trust is satisfied. Is ‘talk to a doctor online’ concept safe? – Yes, It is. has  ‘book a phone consultation’ and video chat consultation options to help the patients to get medical advice in real-time. It is not a mere ask a query,  but get your issues addressed and satisfied.

Doctors on icliniq, of course do a lot of research before answering health queries.


But the sad truth is that there are some websites(definitely not all of them) who use wrong techniques like not having proper doctors but answering queries just by having a single doctor. The sad truth is one cannot verify the doctors behind the answers exist also in these kind of websites.

To satiate this element of safety,’s virtual phone consultation option and video consultation (as a part of ‘talk to a doctor online‘) was innovated. One cannot fake an answer when one is talking as questions mostly would be spontaneous.

Medical questions answered this way is the BEST way to get an issue sorted out in this ‘talk to a doctor online’ age.

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