Suffering From These Surprising Lung Cancer Signs?

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


We all know that cancer is a threat to human lives, and even in this 21st century, with technological and medical advancements, experts have not been able to find a permanent cure for it. Almost everyone knows that tobacco smoking is one of the prime causes of lung cancer. If you are a smoker, please stop it right now. Your life is precious. When you smoke, you not only increase your risk of lung cancer but also of those who are exposed to your cigarette smoke. Here are five alarming and unexpected signs and symptoms that might indicate lung cancer. If you or your well-wishers experience these, without further ado, get it medically checked.



1. Weight Gain or Loss


Cancer and cancer treatments can indeed make one lose weight. But in the case of lung cancer, apart from weight loss, one can actually gain weight too. Lung cancer induces the body to make more cortisol, a hormone that leads to fluid retention and weight gain. So if you are gaining or losing weight without any reason, seek your physician’s help to rule out the cause.

2. Hoarse Voice


Growing lung cancer can press the nerves supplying your vocal cords. This alters your normal voice and makes it sound hoarse, low, husky, and strained. So anyone with a prolonged hoarse voice that does not get good with medications for flu or with time definitely needs medical assistance.


3. Increased Thirst and Urination


Lung cancer is one such cancer that increases your blood calcium levels. It makes the bones leak out calcium into the blood. Excess calcium in the body increases thirst and urination. Apart from this, it can also cause irritability, weakness, constipation, and lack of hunger.

4. Bone Pain


Constant body pain need not necessarily be due to muscle ache. It can actually be bone pain. You might be mistaking it to be never-ending muscle pain due to some physical stress or strain, but the spread of lung cancer to the bones also causes body aches or bone pain, to be precise, that worsens with movements or while lying down.

5. Imbalance


When lung cancer grows or spreads to compress the superior vena cava, a blood vessel that is located in the neck and carries blood from the head, neck, arms, and upper chest to the heart, it can cause the blood within the vessel to back up leading to balance problems and unsteady feeling.

These symptoms need not necessarily mean lung cancer, and can also occur in less serious medical conditions. Still, it is always better to get yourself checked and receive appropriate treatment for whatever is causing these symptoms.


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