Stretch or a Crunch: It Is Until You Start, You Find It Hard

Stretch or a Crunch: It Is Until You Start, You Find It Hard

Exercises have many benefits – but can exercises help in pain management? Yes, they sure can! With exercises, there are chances to manage and reduce pain. However, knowing the right type of exercise and its form is essential to attain goodness. This blog shall be your guide to learning about exercises you can do daily to manage your pain.

1. Lower Back Stretches


Most of us have lower back pain often, and the best way to treat that is? Use your pain spray whenever it hurts? Absolutely not! You must do stretches that help relax the tied-up muscles in the lower back to ease the pain. You shall include the child’s pose, piriformis stretch, pelvic tilt, seated spinal twist, sphinx stretch, cat-cow, and knee-to-chest stretch. Practicing this daily shall aid in reducing your pain and building strength.

2. Trigger Finger Exercises


Have you ever felt tightness in your fingers? Or are they too stiff, affecting your mobility to do daily activities? Here are a few exercises for you to try anywhere, anytime, to get relief from stiffness. They are finger extensor stretch, the finger spread, finger abduction 1 and 2, palm presses, object pickups, ‘O’ exercise, paper grasp, tendon gliding, and finger stretches. These exercises can help reduce inflammation along with the pain and limited mobility it causes.

3. Arthritis Pain


Like following a prescription, exercising regularly is a must for patients with arthritis. If you did not know this already, with the help of certain exercises, arthritis pain, and stiffness can be reduced along with increasing joint flexibility. The best exercises for arthritis pain are strengthening exercises, aerobic exercises, and range-of-motion exercises. With arthritis, it is best to do your exercises sparingly. Stay in your lane and limits to reduce the pain gradually.

4. Neck and Shoulders


The neck and shoulder muscles are the crucial body parts that are most affected. It could be because you sit in one place for too long, laze around doing nothing, or scroll on your phone lying in the weirdest possible position, failing to realize your position is putting you at risk. However, it is easy to relieve this pain with simple exercises that you can do at home, such as neck roll, shoulder roll, arm circles, overhead arm reach, and chair rotation. You shall slowly indulge in these simple exercises for relief whenever you feel a spasm or slight pain.

5. Deep Stretches


Deep stretches are nothing but stretches that help you relax and relieve pain throughout the body. Having to deal with painful joints does not have anything to do with our age – it simply refers to the bad posture practiced daily. This can be rectified by improving your posture and adding simple exercises, such as torso twist, bird dog with crunch, dead bug, scapular push-up, neck release, arch release, kneeling hip flexor stretch, and clam shell. These stretches will help enhance the entire body and relieve pain.


Simpler exercises that you invest your time and effort in could keep you fit as a fiddle in a way any pain can never meddle. It is only until you take that first step: which is nothing huge but to get up.

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