Sleeping Positions - Pros and Cons

Sleeping Positions - Pros and Cons

Throwing off your bag and hitting the bed is all we wish for every single day. We all consider sleep as a rescuer of our hectic workloads. But do you know, sleeping is the recuperation time for your body? Yes, unlike how you feel, your inner body makes use of this precious time to heal the wear and tear you had throughout the day. Rightly so, sleep is of immense significance for your body to carry out its day-to-day functions. Like how sleeping matters for the body, the position you sleep in impacts sleep. Know the pros and cons of a few sleeping positions and get rid of your thought to sleep in positions you feel like.

1) Back-Sleeping


How well do we feel to lie on our backs after a frantic day at work? Yes, your tired backs might demand a rest. And almost all of us would feel lying flat on our backs gives the needed soothing. Just like you perceive, the supine position puts you at rest at the most natural position of the body. Are you someone with a snoring habit? Then, abstain from sleeping on your back as it can make it worse.

2) Side-Sleeping


Do not be surprised to hear that sleeping on your sides is the best sleeping position. Yes, of the different sleeping positions, side-sleeping has numerous advantages to the list with a relatively less number of cons. Especially if you have heartburn or constipation, sleeping on the sides reduces it. Your blood circulation is boosted by this sleeping method. However, if you are someone with shoulder pain, try other sleeping methods.

3) Stomach-Sleeping


Fought with your loved one or in distress? Like it has been stereotyped, you always tend to sleep on your stomach. But by doing so, you are putting your body into more stress and anxiety. Yes, sleeping on your stomach strains your back, pressurizes the joints, and produces stiffness. Venting out is fine. However, do it more appropriately. Whatever be your reason to do it, avoid sleeping on your belly.


How Should I Sleep During Pregnancy?


One common question for every pregnant woman, especially if you are a first-time mom-to-be, is, ‘Which position should I sleep in?’ We have the answer to your long-hauling search. Sleep on your sides with your knees bent. This is by far regarded as the best sleeping position for pregnant women. It relieves pressure on your tummy and also enables efficient heart pumping.

Yes, for habitual creatures like humans transforming to a whole new sleeping position is complex. However, it is not an impossible one to acquire. To help you with the process, we have one simple trick. Sleep on the other side of the bed. Try to follow a proper position, making sleep bliss for both you and your body!

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