Sleep Like a Queen - An Ultimate Guide!

Sleep Like a Queen - An Ultimate Guide!

Sleep is a mandate; there is no perfect regime without proper sleep- a commandment you must have come across in every medic’s self-care preach. But the trail to deep sleep is never a cakewalk, particularly when adulting. Deep sleep, when got once; the peace in thy following it, is simply priceless. So, all this being said, let us learn how to get set deep sleep.

1) Moon Milk Is the Way; Put Caffeine at Bay


Deep sleep is just a kitchen away when you know what makes an insomniac’s magic portion – moon milk! While caffeine keeps you up all night, moon milk puts you in a peaceful sleep. Unveiling this fancy term to just an ingredient list – milk, turmeric, cinnamon with a few add-on herbs; makes every individual go, is not it, our turmeric milk? Well, yeh, it is! Certainly so; moon milk is indeed the boon milk to zone out.

2) Alarm It Out


Consistency is the key to deep sleep – not for a night, but all the nights here forth. Fix your hour of sleep and wake each day; even more importantly, stick to it. From making your bed to setting the humidity right, each influences your sleep. Putting it all just right with a drop of lavender gets you a twist and turn-free sleep.

3) If Not an Aloe Parent Yet; Be One


Aloe, a succulent with benefits all over it, mows down the harm and favors our needs for deep sleep. Acts as a natural air purifier, kicks-off radiation damage, keeps a stress check, etc., top the list of aloe’s benefits. Though low-maintenance, all that it gives us is high maintenance. Is not it a definite addition to your shopping list?

4) Eat Lite to Sleep Tight


The right meal sets the path for the right lifestyle, including sleep. It is not just eating the right food but also clocking your mealtime. Clocking out of the set time is never good, so avoid late-night munchies that hinder the release of melatonin – the sleep hormone. Also, some foods enhance sleep; one on the list is from the silkworm’s nest – mulberries. Remember, a deep sleep comes with a lite stomach.

5) Exertion Is a Must, but Not After Dusk


Apart from daily chores, physical exertion is a requisite to attain deep sleep. However, it is advisable not to make it heavy right before bed, as it could keep you wide awake and give you food cravings in bulk to compensate for the burned calories. Instead, start your day with exercises to kick in your energy levels. Fun-burn yourself as the sun hits in, and peace in a deep sleep when the moon sets out!


Sleep is an endless craving for many in this busy lifestyle. So schedule sleep in your preference list and regularize it by following these relatively simple practices to satisfy your sleep cravings in the longer run.

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