Silly Health Mistakes You Do Everyday

Silly Health Mistakes You Do Everyday
5 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day


1. Slouching : Your posture is very important while using a desktop. Slouching while using a keyboard will lead to several problems relating to your spine, neck & lower back.


2. Microwave Food in a Plastic Container: Avoid plastic containers while heating food using the microwave. If done so the phthalates in the container affect the food leading to several hormonal disorders.


3. Using a Cellphone Before Bed: A study says that using your smartphone after 10.00 Pm leads to sleep deprivation. Late night mobile fidgeting leads to waking up tired in the morning and in some cases also leads to erectile dysfunction.


4. Too Much Snacking: Snacking between meals plays an important role in maintaining your energy level. But make sure to eat proper portions of healthy food, unlike fast food.


 5. Holding It: Holding the urge to use the restroom will lead to bacterial growth in the walls of your bladder. This might later cause infection in your kidneys.



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