Signs You're Having A Panic Attack

Signs You're Having A Panic Attack


Increased heart rate: The primary marker for a panic attack is rapidly increasing heart rate. This will result in you having a pounding feeling in your chest and accompanied by pain in your thorax.


Shortness of breath: You will experience breathing difficulties and start gasping for air. You might also experience shortness in breath. The reason for this can be directly connected to increased heart rate.


Nausea: You will feel sick in your stomach accompanied by light headedness. Nausea is part of your body’s reactions to balance out these sudden changes you are feeling, as a result of the panic attack.


Numbness: Your palms start to sweat or go numb while you experience an attack. This is a result of the sudden temperature change your body will be experiencing. This can happen to any other specific part of your body too, depending upon the individual’s body type.


No basis for the attack: There are no specific basis or trigger for a panic attack. They can occur all of a sudden while the individual is carrying out his day to day chores. It can happen in an extremely normal situation without any warning.


Loss of control: With all these sudden and overwhelming changes happening, you will feel you have lost control over your body. Not knowing what is happening and what its results would be, your mind will go into a state of shock.



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