Share to Save: Blood Donation

Share to Save: Blood Donation

A donation, way past all riches, that demands and wishes only your well-being: blood donation; is the most in need every two seconds, say reports. Blood, the fountain of life, runs in and regulates each of the living beings. Though supplied naturally, a sudden demand for a whole lot of blood leaves our body helpless to help. In a case like that, we are added to the lengthy queue with those seeking blood. Every blood seeker needs a fellow blood donor to reach their blood requisite on time. Let us manifest blood donation further.

1) The Demand!

In the current living, blood is the demand of the hour throughout the year. No day goes by without someone not demanding blood. With surplus demands for blood, its supply as well is the hour’s need, urging people for blood donations. The need for blood is put up when a person no longer has enough blood. The scenarios of such demands could be; accidents, kidney-related needs, cancer, pregnancy complications, anemia, hemophilia, and so on. Let us help such in-demand and never let them fall behind by giving a hand.

2) Join the Donor Club!


The pass to the donor club is an easy access to anyone matching this triad list: fit, healthy, and 18 plus; way past this, there is nothing that a donor needs. But at times, certain scenarios disqualify you from donating blood, like, consuming alcohol close to the time of donation. Also, sometimes you never know if you have it, but you might have some kind of an infection or a disease that puts you off or prevents you from donating blood.

3) Donation: The Dual-Way Deed


A donation makes you a superhero to the receiver; yes! But, this might be totally new to you that, with a donation, you get a set of goodies for yourself as well. Firstly and of course, a feeling of fullness in doing a good deed, with that comes a better emotional state, a fall in the unwanted cholesterol, and your iron levels get all right. This good deed comes with its set of goodness indeed.

4) The All-Time Donor Doubt


This is one question that pops up in each mind when asked to donate blood – Will I become short in blood after donation? Assuring you, with a healthy body, you will not. Blood donation can make you feel tired aftermath, which goes off in the nick of time with just an energy drink, but a donation is never a drainer. So, set all the doubts aside, and come forward. This one prick you take can save someone from taking a lot more pricks.


You never know your blood means so much to someone until seeing their thankful smile! Let us join this act of solidarity and save lives, and fill our hearts with fullness! Let today, the World Blood Donor’s day set a cornerstone for us to build a life of donations.

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