Second Opinion

Second Opinion

What Is Second Opinion?

The second opinion is the common term heard in a hospital setup. It refers to the receiving of opinion from another doctor so that the treatment might be made more successful. This might be the general physician getting an opinion from a specialist or the doctor who is handling the patient getting a few opinions from the other doctors working along with them. This might resemble a design engineer discussing the efficiency of their designs with others.


When Do You Need the Second Opinion?

Doctors tend to get the second opinion in serious cases, and in conditions where there are too many health complications. The situations where second opinions are required are discussed below:

  1. If the patient is having a high blood sugar level (diabetes), then the patient will be asked to get an opinion from a diabetologist before the extraction of a tooth.
  2. If the patient is having high blood pressure (hypertension), then the patient should get a second opinion from the doctor who is treating their hypertension or from a cardiologist before they undergo an extraction.
  3. When the condition is not properly diagnosed.
  4. Cancers like blood cancer, bone cancer, etc.
  5. When there is any major surgical procedure involved.
  6. When you have tried many treatment options from a particular doctor, but still you do not recover.
  7. When you have multiple health conditions.
  8. If the estimated cost of the treatment is very high.
  9. When they are many possible complications known to occur.
  10. When the credibility of the doctor is poor.
  11. If the treatment procedure is confusing.

What Are the Advantages of the Second Opinion?

Some doctors might be a jack of all trades, but they might not be the master of a particular disease or condition. It is humanely impossible for a person to know everything. That is the reason we have a wide branch of medical science, and each doctor being an expert in a particular field. The budding doctors getting the second opinion from senior doctors help the patient to have a perfect treatment plan. In these cases, ‘experience is the best teacher’ scenario is the basis. So when a doctor gets a second opinion, it should be appreciated. When you are getting a second opinion from another doctor or a specialist, that particular doctor might be aware of the latest technologies for surgery or might know about the most effective medications. When you are in a confused state, getting a second opinion can give you crystal clear ideas about the nature of the condition and treatment protocol.


How to Get a Second Opinion From iCliniq?

Getting a second opinion from iCliniq is very easy. Before you ask for a second opinion, make sure you have your old medical records, lab test reports, and scan reports. There are a vast range of doctors in all the specialties. They are always ready to help you with their knowledgable guidance. You can make a voice call, video call, or chat with them. Do not worry about waiting for a huge lot of time for a simple appointment. Our online platform can make you get instant appointments and solutions.

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