Second opinion for critical surgeries

Second opinion for critical surgeries

Why should we need to take up second opinion on the critical surgeries?

Nothing is more terrifying than seeing your loved one going through a medical crisis. The anxiety and the stress of having to witness them come past a severe but necessary life-altering emergency put us in a difficult position. We seek the best of doctors and entrust them with the responsibility of taking care of the ones in need. Often, we wonder if there is another way to it? But can this be resolved with a mere questioning battle within one’s self? If there even a chance for a second opinion, it is necessary to consult with another doctor before going for critical surgeries.

Thankfully, iCliniq offers the options to those who are in need of immediate and quick second opinion before these medical emergencies. Operating from an online portal, this is an excellent opportunity for families to seek extra medical attention. Some of the reasons why it is advisable to opt for the second opinion on the critical conditions of the surgery include :

Second opinion for critical surgeries1. Better understanding of the complexities involved

Owing to the situation, doctors can sometimes find it difficult to explain everything to the patients. With the help of an expert doctor, relatives can find the answers they have been looking for. Through online portals like iCliniq, doctors can be reached even remotely to address the queries and resolve issues.


Second opinion for critical surgeries2. Expert opinion eases the mind

Tough medical decisions often put a burden on the mind and making it think if it was the right choice. But through the option of taking a second opinion, one can be grateful for the decision as another doctor offering similar suggestion brings ease to mind.


Second opinion for critical surgeries3. Unexplored option or advice can present itself

All doctors registered with iCliniq are subject experts with years of experience. Taking their advice at the time of an emergency can help families. If in their opinion there is another option to explore, there is a possibility to discuss with the patient and find a more natural way to resolve.


Second opinion for critical surgeries4. Other or better hospitals can be recommended

As most people don’t belong to the medical world, they are only aware of few hospitals and doctors. Seeking medical consultation online through portals like iCliniq, families can find better hospital or doctors who are far more experienced and capable of addressing the issue. This is not to be construed as a method of belittling the doctor or the hospital; each medical condition requires different attention and some hospitals are better equipped to handle the burden.

Despite all of the above points mentioned, it is in the discretion of the patient’s family to consider or not consider any opinion provided. Ultimately, the only thing that will get the family and the patient through any critical surgery is positivity and belief in the doctors operating.

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