Press release: – a tele-health/ tele-consulting service platform from Orane Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Orane Healthcare India Pvt Ltd., is demonstrating it’s new innovation in next generation tele-health through their flagship product “iCliniq” which is being branded as ‘The Virtual Hospital’.

iCliniq( is trying to connect the entire healthcare eco-system of professionals and consumers through a centralized  marketplace, which is easily accessible from every internet connected devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphones, tabloids or even from smart TV’s. iCliniq exposes it’s video conferencing and communications capabilities, that require lesser or no configurations to connect and talk to a doctor or specialist.

Booking Appointments and Online Consultations are the key services the platform offering along with Electronic Health Record Keeping.

Patients can consult instantly with doctors who availed themselves for walk-in consultation.

e-Prescription are made possible through PDF formatted document with doctor’s digital signature.

The goal of iCliniq is to improve the tele-health access through improved technology and connectivity, that helps remote patients to reduce their frequent travel to hospitals. Non-emergency medical counseling & consultation, and followup consultations, appointment scheduling are being used more often through this platform at the moment.

iCliniq encourages hospitals to signup for an account and add their consultants and specialists to help remote patients to access their services online within a comfort of sitting from their living room.

“We are trying to enable doctors/hospitals to create platforms that help to connect and collaborate with their patients. iCliniq on the whole is an unique healthcare connectivity platform, exclusively to improve the tele-health access”, said Duruvak Kumar, director of sales and marketing of Orane Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

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