Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is a wonderful and life-changing experience. It is a golden period in a woman’s life. Check out the 7 most common pregnancy myths.

You Can’t Fly

You Can’t Fly: False. There is no health risk involved for either the mother or the baby when it comes to flying during pregnancy. The mother might experience minor air sickness which is typical for all passengers. The reason airlines avoid taking pregnant women onboard during the last three months of pregnancy is to avoid the risk of the mother going into labor during the journey.


Keep Away From Polished Furniture

Keep away from polished furniture: False. There is no definite proof to support this fact. The fact remains that everyone should keep away until the polish dries out.


Should not raise hands overhead

Should Not Raise Hands Overhead: False. There is no harm in carrying out your regular day to day activities as long as you do not get too tired. Pregnant women are advised to be physically active as long as they do not apply pressure to any part specifically.

Sleeping on the Left Side

Sleeping on the left side: False. Sleeping on either side of the bed is not a problem as long as the mother is comfortable with it. We just have to make sure that we do not apply any pressure on the womb.

Consuming Saffron

Consuming Saffron: False. Saffron has several benefits when it comes to health. It is going to be very beneficial for pregnant women to consume saffron. That being said it is in no way going to affect the skin of the baby, in any way.


Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Dye Their Hair

Pregnant women shouldn’t dye their hair: False. Dyeing your hair has no specific restriction. It is better to avoid harsh chemicals as a whole. Henna or any other natural dyes with little chemicals will not do any damage.

Men Cannot be a Part of the Pregnancy

Men cannot be a part of the pregnancy: False. Your life partner is a person who has decided to share his life with you. Though he can only lend a hand when it comes to the physical strains of pregnancy, he can play a major part when it comes to supporting you mentally and emotionally. Pregnancy has also known to be a good time for couples to build a better relationship. The process of a combined struggle to bring something beautiful into this world can mend broken bridges.


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