Own branded tele health portal for every hospital(iCliniq Software as a Service)

iCliniq.com now allows all hospitals to enroll for their own branded tele-health platform. This new service allows individual hospitals to create a patient service platform that help their doctors/consultants and patients to participate in ‘online consultation’ and ‘appointment booking’. This platform also allows each hospital to publish their corporate news, events along with articles/ or patient medical education materials written by their doctors and specialists directly to their visitors.

Once a hospital enrollment is active, the first thing they do is to add their doctors/consultants and specialists to the portal, which enables their visitors to book appointments and participate online consultation. Hospitals will instantly get their iCliniq powered online consultation portal through a sub domain (eg: your-hospital.icliniq.com)

To see an example implementation of it, you can check the iCliniq powered Urocare Kidney Center’s tele-health portal here(http://www.urocare.in). However for hospitals which do not have or own a website, can still get their own tele-health portal powered by icliniq through a sub domain based website. eg:https://nephrolife.icliniq.com/

This SaaS(Software as a Service) model particularly reduces the pain of maintaining independent hosting, servers, data centers and frequent software up-gradations as well. iCliniq team will instantly roll out all sort of software up-gradation and enhancements to all hospital customers.

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