Online vs Physical Consultation

Online vs Physical Consultation

How is online consultation effective than direct consultation with the doctors?

The world now fits in the palm of our hands. With a touch on a button, your house is unlocked; voice commands perform human tasks and what not. Due to this vast technological invasion, it is only fair that we also get to enjoy other benefits from the growth of science and the digital world. The shrinking globe can communicate with one another without any physical presence. Video chat, voice calls dominate our mode of communication and allow us to reach anybody who is further away that physical contact.

The field of medical science has evolved with technology. Doctors find new methods to be more available for patients. Most importantly, they are now open to anyone, anywhere in the world. iCliniq, one of the fastest growing and reputed online medical portals, facilitates the growth on online consultation for patients across the world. Being a revolution among doctors, digital consultation is now sorted out to be better than direct consultation. Patients can instantly connect with the best doctors from across the globe for easy review and quick feedback.

While the ease and freedom to choose doctors predominantly dominate the need for online consultation, here are some of the other reasons why patients prefer the digital world of doctors.

Online doctor consultation1. Consultation with reputed and trusted doctors: Instead of hunting for the best doctors in a new city, patients can easily look up the experienced doctors through online portals and consult with them at the click of a button. The worry of being diagnosed by an amateur is lost as all the doctors go through a rigorous screening process before coming on board as iCliniq doctors.


Online doctor consultation2. Affordable: As opposed to a clinic visit, online consultation is cheap and affordable. The cost of traveling to the clinic, doctor’s fee, etc. is minimised as everything is digital. Patients can now get the best consultation at a very minimal cost that gives them satisfaction and relief.


Online doctor consultation3. No waiting time: Online medical portals beat the waiting time concept, and patients connect with their preferred doctor in a matter of minutes. The long queue, stuffy waiting rooms are out of the picture. Patients can just select the best consultant for their needs and connect with them across the globe in a few short minutes.


Online doctor consultation4. Ability to connect with world-renowned doctors from home: Online portals are not restricted by geography. They give you the best medical advice from across the globe. These portals can bring doctors from different parts of the world instantly without patients having to spend a fortune locating and traveling to them. With such services, iCliniq is one of the few reputed platforms in the world to have an arsenal of world-renowned doctors for all of its patients.

Online doctor consultation5. Ask personal queries without a sign of hesitation: Sometimes, there are a few medical queries that patients hesitate to ask the doctors in-person due to the delicate nature of the issue. However, online portals offer complete anonymity to the clients, and hence one need not worry or hesitate to voice the concerns.

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